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GWITS Song Contest

The "Ghost Writers In The Sky" Song Contest (GWITS) was conceived as a modern-day tribute to the genius of Hank Williams, Sr. As any true songwriter knows, "simple is hard." To create a good song from the "three chords and the truth" format is anything but easy; and yet Hank Williams used this musical north star to shine bright his stunning talent time and again to create a huge body of country classics - all written before he reached his 30th birthday.

Being the types who think a little differently, we had an idea: Why not stage a contest which could give the world some great new songs AND help songwriters get some recognition too?

Simply, the GWITS contest invites songwriters to compse their best Hank Williams musical tribute. (see GWITS winner John Lilly's "Blue Highway" video, below)

Make sure you like us us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for info on submitting entries, contest guidelines, etc. Meantime... start getting those great songs ready for the next "Ghost Writers In The Sky" Song Contest!





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